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Making Your Dream Pool a Reality

Are you ready for a new pool? Hollywood Pools is your new construction expert, handling everything from conception through completion.

Painting Pool

Building & Remodeling

Let us come to you for new construction or remodeling consultation. New construction can incorporate any design while remodeling can make pools shallower or change their shape. You may add one or more swim lanes or raised spa areas or incorporate a saltwater system or change your floor and walls to pebble stone from plaster. We also do acid washes and pool painting. Ask about plaster or glass aggregate finishes, as well as surface treatments by Pebble Tec, or Colorquartz.


Bring your pool to life with new automated functions. Get handheld or wall remotes, or use smartphone apps and access new features very conveniently.

Dial up your equipment and turn on the spa, heater, or lights, while checking the water temperature and opening or closing your automatic cover through your phone on your drive home. Most pools can easily be upgraded through electrical and plumbing changes.

Modernize your pool and surrounding area with rockscapes, deck, or tile remodeling with regular, glass, or porcelain tiles. We also refinish or replace decorative coping around your pool's top edge.